VIP Consulting Day

If You Want to Take Your Practice to a Whole New Level, Earn More Income and Gain the Recognition in Your Area of Expertise that You Deserve – and You’re Ready to Do It Now –
This V.I.P. Consulting Day Is for You!

This full day of consulting is for you if you know you are ready to:

  • have a breakthrough in your practice
  • change your Social Business model
  • earn more income based on the knowledge and expertise you already possess
  • gain expert credibility status and online authority recognition
  • take your expertise out to a wider digital audience

Spending a day with me focusing on developing social media and digital marketing strategies that will lead to your and your practice’s growth and success is the fastest route to reaching your goals.

Here’s an Ideal Way to Gain Clarity, Focus and A PLAN!

One of the biggest benefits of the VIP Consulting Day is the clarity you will gain from taking a step back from your practice and taking a look at it through an entirely different perspective. One of the great benefits of meeting with me as your consultant is that I can see areas you may be overlooking or things you take for granted and don’t realize could be income generators.
We’ll look into every facet of what you are already doing and determine what’s working and not working.
Once this is done, we will focus in on the goals you want to accomplish (e.g., more clients, more income, more exposure, etc.). Then, we’ll brainstorm Social Media and Digitlal marketing strategies for achieving these goals and then create a digital plan and timeline for you to implement your goals.

How This Program Works
Prior to your V.I.P. day, we will have a 50 minute phone meeting so that I can touch base with you about your practice and learn some preliminary things about it. Also prior to the day we meet, I’ll also take at your website and where you reside online. This helps us prep for what’s needed and what’s next for you.
We will then hold the V.I.P. day for 8 hours (9 AM-5 PM ET) in a meeting room in the Orlando, FL area. Beverages and Lunch are included.
There will also be one 50 minute phone meeting within one month after the V.I.P. day to follow up.

What Are the Results You Can Expect
You’ll come away from this V.I.P. day with:

  • a new appreciation of the possibilities in your practice for increased income and opportunities
  • a variety of strategies for achieving your designated goals
  • a complete plan for implementing the strategies
  • an opportunity for accountability as we will meet again by phone within a month after the VIP day
  • the opportunity to have follow up phone consulting sessions at a discounted price for an entire year following the VIP day

I look forward to consulting with you and helping you create the success you want and deserve in your practice.
Are you ready to step on stage to make the change you were born to make in the world?
If so, it would be my honor to support you in your process.

The investment for the VIP Day program is $5500.
If this VIP program sounds like just what you need to take yourself from where you are now to where you want to go …

Apply by clicking on the button below to be considered and book a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session. In this session, we will look at where you are now, explore where you want to go, and determine whether this is the right program for you.