Presentation Topics

Dawn provides engaging and informative presentations for a wide variety of business, professional, and community groups about social media, digital marketing strategy and culture. Download a PDF of this page.

Popular 45 to 90-minutes speaking topics from recent presentations include:

  • Introduction to the social media landscape (Embassies and Outposts)
  • Social networking strategies to build trust and engagement (Social Media Toolkit)
  • The power of personal branding in the social age
  • Building Social Leverage and Business Leadership
  • Creating your online authority through presence and platforms

All presentations can be tailored to the audience and can be delivered in various formats: keynote presentation, panel discussion, workshop/seminar, etc

Speaking and Sample Workshop Topics

1.  Getting Started in Social Media          

Are you tweeting more and liking it less?  Up to your eyeballs in Facebook? What’s new in social media and how can your business be using it more effectively? Learn how to establish yourself and its programs through Social Media.

2.  Social Media Toolkit: Managing Your Clients and Your Business                    

Learn the Seven Essential Social Network Resources that enhance and support your business and your clients’ bottom line and how to generate more exposure. It’s much more than just Facebook, Linkedin, You Tube, Pinterest, and Twitter.

3.  Social Media Skill Building                  

Get the working skills you need to be successful in online networking and social media! Get the latest updates on posts, timing, and technology that can ease your time on Social Media.

4.  Digital Embassies and Outposts

What are your digital embassies and outpost? Where do you reside online? Identify and Creating Your top tier social platforms specific to your business. Everyone knows about Facebook and Twitter and have watched YouTube.  Are you familiar with Instagram or Pinterest? Do you use Linkedin? In this session learn the basics of each platform and how to use them.

5.  It’s the Indian, Not the Arrow: Tools, Tips, & Techniques to Use in Building Your Social Business

The amount of content on the internet is astounding. And the amount of time it takes to attempt to master it all is stifling. Join Dawn as she helps navigate the Social Networking tides in quick, useful, and easy-to-apply, actionable steps to building your business and brand online. Attendees will:

  • Find out the Social Media to focus on that works with your industry
  • Discover how to build a social business in layers or phases – think Digital Media Cake
  • Learn how to leverage your time with Social tools that work

6.  Not Just for the Beer & Bikini Crowd – Building Your Business Facebook Page:

Facebook has changed the way that business is done. In this talk, Dawn will take you through the process of setting up your page, creating a vanity URL, and getting fans to your page.

  • What you should know before creating a page
  • The five apps you need to have on your page
  • Creating good content and interactive posts

7.  New, Hot, & Sexy: The Update – Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile for Business:

Linkedin IS the place for business-to-business relationships to build. Explore with Dawn the top ways to make your profile pop, applications you must have and great ways to leverage your network while you are in your seat. Learn how to immediately Increase the your profile being found.

  • Making an impact with your profile
  • Mastering the connection process
  • How to position yourself as the expert in your niche

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Utilizing the wealth of knowledge and over 17 years of experience working with and consulting for dozens of clients, speaking in front of thousands of professionals, Dawn can suitably customize and speak on a variety of topics to energize YOUR audience to understand embrace the benefits of social media.

Dawn can also provide her coaching and training programs at a discount for speaking events for your audience.

If you’d like to inquire more about hiring Dawn Jensen as a social media keynote speaker for your event, please contact her or fill out the form below .

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