Dawn educates CEOS, entrepreneurs, and leaders about content creation, social media, and digital marketing. Her speaking style is personable, fun, approachable, passion-filled and thought provoking.

With a repertoire teeming with real-world business examples and a creative sense of humor, Dawn is able to connect with her audience, create a comfortable environment, and adjust her speaking style during the presentation to match the level of comprehension at any given moment.


Dawn may be only one of a handful of people who has the ability to navigate the Social Media landscape with her CEO-level clients and coach not only on the best practices and policy but provide the narrow area view of what Social networks are needed right now in the right order, and the right time to build visibility and credibility.

She has the knack that leadership teams need to see the wide area view. That is, she can set the long-range social goals, cultivate the social proof that teams can take and build on while maximizing their digital marketing time online.

Some of her work involves training those who work closely with businesses and business owners. Whether they are marketing, public relations, or Social Media specialists for their clients, Dawn coaches on the next success steps and the milestones needed.

Sought after for her strategic and creative approach to Social Media, Dawn brings over 20 years of technology training, public relations, journalism, and marketing experience to the table. She is passionate about the success of her clients and is seen as an invaluable sounding board for focus, ingenuity, empathy, and strength.  She continues to be a catalyst for Social Business growth, Social network coaching, and resources.

Dawn’s approach to presentations are designed to serve three functions:

1. Educate – Help participants understand and make sense of the new Social landscapes, evolving trends, what tangible strategies to put in place to move forward, and how to execute and measure success.

2. Empower – Take the NOW and WOW view of Social Platforms and digital media to  audiences and motivate participants to embrace new resources and possibilities.

3. Excite – Bring people, teams, and organizations together around a their mission, vision, mission, and values they set forth as a company or leadership team.

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