Social Media Speaker, digital marketing coach, and social media trainer Dawn Raquel Jensen founded Virtual Options Coaching & Training in 2001. She has worked with business owners to create presence, build platform, and authority online.

How Do You Show Up Online?


My daughter Lauren took this photo when I wasn’t looking and I got to see myself through her eyes. We never know how we land on people, who we influence and how far we reach. I caught a glimpse that day.

How are you building our presence and platform?

How are you showing that you are different from those that do what you do in your field?

Do you know what separates you?

Whatever you post, what your business says online creates a digital footprint of who you are and what you do. Make sure that digital legacy is directed, clear, and consistent with what you are looking to do now and later.
Do you think that creating yourself as the authority in your field would drive clients, prospects, and strategic partners?
Would this make a difference in building and maintaining your business?
Consider this food for thought.
I think one of the most interesting aspects of Social Media is the way we can become too digitally entrenched, and yet so distant from one another. We use technology to be heard; to be found; and to be connected. And we keep our voices shallow, soft and under-represented.  While some may not agree, and that is awesome if you don’t, consider this:

“We expect more from technology, and less from each other.” “We’re lonely, but we’re afraid of intimacy. And so from social networks to sociable robots, we’re designing technologies that will give us the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship.” ~  Shirley Turkle, Cultural Analyst

This is an opportunity to find, create, and cultivate a way back to ourselves and each other, forming deeper, lasting connections.  We create ways to communicate ourselves and our business. I simply take what work well “offline” in the ways that we connect with each other and strengthen them online.

My passion is sharing what I know, what I’ve trained thousands of clients and coached hundreds through seminars, webinars and private groups. As a Social Media coach,  I collaborate at the intersection of Social Media, technology, and humanity. My clients want to create and position themselves using digital platforms. They are leaders, business owners, coaches, trainers, speakers, and social media and marketing professionals. My work is to connect people deeply, train them on broader aspects of Social Media and digital marketing, and create lasting impact and digital legacies through technology.

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